• Set-up office and bookkeeping systems 
  • Research and convert to new accounting software
  • Train business owners and office staff
  • Perform regular bookkeeping tasks
  • Prepare periodic payroll, tax deposits, quarterly and annual reporting
  • Excise tax preparation
  • Audit preparation and oversight

Construction Specific (my specialty)

  • Preparation of prevailing wage certified payroll
  • Job cost accounting using ComputerEase, QuickBooks (Certified), Peachtree
  • Gather and organize job and subcontractor documentation
  • Prepare for annual insurance audits


Human Resources

  • Ensure required legal documentation is in place
  • Write and update policy manuals
  • Benefits set-up and administration
  • Place recruitment ads, preview resumes, conduct interviews
  • Create interview and evaluation practices
  • Conduct evaluations and exit interviews
  • Check references


Other Administrative

  • Set up, clean up or revise paper or computer filing systems
  • Assist with technology purchases
  • Assist with transitions such as office relocating, staff turnover, etc.
  • Act as a personal assistant


Working with Just Enough

I work however works best for both of us.

  • In your office or mine
  • On your computer or my laptop
  • On your computer, but online from my office
  • Working online and on the phone, we can both view your computer, discussing, clarifying and teaching.
  • With appropriate limited access, I can download your bank and credit card statements, enter and categorize deposits and expenditures, then send you lists of only those entries that require further clarification, keeping your accounting file on my computer.
  • I can process payroll on my system and make journal entries to record it on your system or I can log onto your computer and process checks for you to print or hand write on payday.
  • If you can think of another combination, I can probably make it work. Depending on your business, we might never even be required to meet face-to-face!

What you need, how you need it, and Just Enough to get the job done!